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Prayer Stop TV Show - Episodes 9 & 10

Prayer Stop TV Show - Episodes 9 & 10

Prayer Stop

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Episode 9 - Empowered (Part 3)
Darrel teaches you the final letter in iPOD, "D – Decision & Discipleship". He also shows you to know when someone is ready to make a decision for Christ, when they aren't and how to know the difference. He also drives home the point that we are not just called to get decisions but to make disciples. We show you clips of other Christians executing each step in order to give you real life examples of just how easy iPOD is to learn and how powerfully effective it is. Last but certainly not least, we continue on the Journey with Joe as he finally shares his faith with his very scary boss. 

Episode 10 - Put It Into Practice 
We go out where the rubber meets the road and show you how to put into practice the biblical principles shared in the previous episodes by taking a girl who is gripped with fear at the mere thought of sharing her faith and show you, through her, how simple, powerful and effective Prayer Stop evangelism is when using iPOD. Joe's journey takes a bit of a twist in this episode as all the pieces of the previous scenes start to come together and paint a clearer picture.

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