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Humble Beginnings

The Beginning The concept of Prayer Stop is nothing new. In fact for thousands of years people have been setting up portable tables to promote or sell their products, services, wears and other items in the market place. What we have endeavored to do with Prayer Stop, is develop a powerful, effective and biblical way for Christians to reach out and minister to, pray for and share the gospel with people in their communities. We also made it so simple anyone can do it.

It was once said that you are a sum of your total experience and in the case of Prayer Stop that is certainly true. Prayer Stop's founder Darrel Rundus, is also the founder of what turned out to be the world's largest circulation sales and marketing firm (Circulation Promotions Unlimited – AKA, CPU, Inc). In 1989, starting with nothing but a card table, Darrel was able to pioneer, perfect, and implement a very successful newspaper subscription sales method that utilized the public traffic flow inside various retail and grocery stores as well as a wide variety of shows, fairs and festivals for most of America's major metropolitan newspapers. By the time he sold the company in 2009, CPU, Inc. had sold millions of subscriptions for the newspapers they represented.

Shortly after being saved in 2002 Darrel started The Great News Network (GNN). For 5-years, he worked closely with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron of the Way of the Master ministries developing and maintaining what was known as Evangelism Boot Camp. This alliance and training camp proved to be a great way to help Christians put into practice the evangelism methods taught by Ray and Kirk on their TV show. By the grace of God, in just a few short years, GNN's Evangelism Boot Camps helped thousands of Christians learn how to effectively share their faith. All over the world,  hundreds of them continue sharing the gospel with lost people everywhere they go and are also training countless others how to do the same.

After selling his circulation sales and marketing firm in 2009, Darrel felt compelled to go full time into ministry and to take The Great News Network into a whole new direction. So he embarked on a new mission to do for Christ's Kingdom what he had done so successfully for newspapers all around the world; develop a powerful and effective, turnkey outreach solution for Christian churches and ministries all over the world.  That's when he founded what is now known as Prayer Stop. Between his passion for Christ, his extensive experience recruiting, training, marketing and motivating people to approach the public in both the secular world and in ministry, in addition to developing some very creative tools like the Post a Prayer, the Prayer Stop kiosk, the iPOD principles, Prayer Stop Power Camps and One Tracts, it's no wonder why Prayer Stop has quickly become the largest prayer evangelism ministry of its kind. By God's grace, in just two short years, Prayer Stop has now established ongoing outreaches in nations all around the world. With the addition of a new TV show there's no telling what God's going to do with the amazing ministry and man of God.

Our hope and prayer is that this ministry will change you and the world for the better, forever, for Christ. As always, we thank God for you as we remember you in our prayers.