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Training - EmpoweredOne of our primary objectives of the Prayer Stop ministry is to arm every Christian everywhere with the weapons they need to effectively and biblically wage war against the enemy while doing Prayer Stop evangelism in their immediate area. The foundation of our training consists of a patented, 4-step approach we call, i.P.O.D. We have made this so simple and easy to implement, anyone can do it.  There are several ways to make the most of this very powerful, easy and effective training program. First, you can pick up the Empowered Live DVD at our store. This 1 ½ hour teaching in addition to the 45 minutes of Power Tools (bonus features) will give anyone and everyone who watches it and puts the principles into practice a solid foundation and all the information they need to make the most of their Prayer Stop outreach efforts.

Another great way to learn how to be effective in your Prayer Stop outreach efforts is to host a 1-day training event at your church; AKA, "Darrel for a Day". Not only will our Prayer Stop Power Team come and train you and your team, they will go out with you and help you put into practice the biblical principles shared during the training. We have made this so simple and easy to implement, even and eight-year old can do it.

If you want to see God move in your heart, mind and life in a way you have never known, sign up to host a life changing Prayer Stop Power Camps at your church. The Prayer Stop Power Camp consists of 1 days of intensive hands on training with Prayer Stop Founder Darrel Rundus and his team. They will encourage you, equip you and empower you to go farther for God that you ever thought you could. Please consider coming to camp and surrounding yourself with other on fire faithful Christians who care enough to contend for the faith on the front lines. We assure you, it will change you for the better, forever.