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Christmas Card Ice Breaker

Prayer Stop

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Get some Christmas Cards that remind people the real reason for the season!

Each Pack Contains: 100, High Gloss, 4x6 Christmas Cards. Text on the Back: Did you know the Candy Cane was first introduced as a Christmas item in the late 1880’s and was designed with unique characteristics that symbolize the true meaning and message of Christmas? The shape of the candy makes a “J”, which stands for “Jesus” and reminds us we celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. Flip it over and it looks like a Shepherd’s Staff. The Shepherd’s were the first to find out about Jesus’ birth and Jesus was the “Good Shepherd” who laid His life down for His sheep. The hardness of the candy reminds us that Jesus is the rock on which to build our lives. The pure sugar it’s made from represents His purity and sinless life. The stripes remind us Jesus was beaten, whipped and a crown of thorns was forced on His head so that “By His stripes we are healed.” The color red represents His blood which was shed on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. The color white reminds us that when we turn from our sin and surrender our lives to Christ Jesus, His blood washes away all our sins, making them white as snow. So please remember the real reason for the season and the true message of the Candy Cane and Christmas. God loves you so much He gave you the greatest gift of all! The gift of eternal life in Heaven and forgiveness of your sins thanks to His Son and our savior Jesus. May God bless you this Christmas as you make your way on this journey we call life. For more information about The Prayer Stop ministry, please go to,

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