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ONE Tract

Prayer Stop

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"Did you get ONE?" This is ONE tract everyone loves! These colorful, die cut, ONE tracts are so popular, people commonly ask for another ONE. Here's a video to show you how easy it is to pass out this ONE (

Each pack contains 100 tracts with 20 of each color.

Here's the text on the back of the tract

There’s ONE thing every ONE has in common - DEATH. In fact, we’re all only ONE heartbeat away from it. Ask yourself ONE question? ONE day, when you die, if God said, “Give me ONE reason why I should let you into Heaven?” what would you say? The number ONE answer is “Because I was a good person”. I’ve asked that ONE question to thousands of people and considering the alternative (Hell), I am not surprised that most every ONE of them proclaimed their own goodness and thought they’d go to Heaven. ONE day we will all meet our Maker and the Bible says, “It’s appointed unto men to die ONCE and then the judgment.” When you come face to face with the infinitely awesome and magnanimous God of the entire Universe to give an account for everything you did in life, will you be good enough to go to Heaven? ONE way to find out is this: If you broke the law and you owed a ONE million dollar fine, would a good judge just let you go because you said you were sorry and would never do it again? No, of course not! Yet, we have all repeatedly, knowingly broken God’s laws – The Ten Commandments (lying, stealing, adultery, lusting, greed, hatred, etc.). That’s why the Bible says, “There’s none who are good, no not ONE.” We have all sinned (broken God’s commandments) and our consciences tell us we are guilty before God. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life. The Great News is that God’s not willing that any ONE should perish. Just like a good judge, God can’t just let a guilty person go free; some ONE must pay the fine before you can be set free. So, He graciously sent His ONE and only Son to pay the price for our sin when He died and rose again. We broke God’s Laws, but Jesus paid the fine so that you could go free; for the ONE whom the Son sets free, is free indeed! Want forgiveness for your sins? There’s only ONE name given under all of Heaven for the forgiveness of sin and it’s Jesus. Whether it’s ONE sin or ONE million; if you will make a U-Turn towards Jesus and then go straight, God can and will forgive you for every ONE of them. Every ONE who calls on the name of the Lord Jesus will be granted the gift of eternal life in Heaven. Remember, you’re just ONE heartbeat away from dying and having to face the ONE and only righteous God. On that day, of all the choices you made in life, only ONE will really matter. Did you humble yourself and receive the gift of forgiveness and salvation God provided through His ONE and only Son, Jesus Christ or did you reject it. Don’t waste ONE more minute of your life. Right now, call on the name of the only ONE who has the power to save you from sin, death and hell; His name is Jesus. If there’s ONE thing you don’t want to be wrong about it is where you’ll spend eternity (Heaven or Hell?) after you die. For more information about this ONE message or our ministry, please go to

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