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Prayer Stop TV Show - Episodes 3 & 4

Prayer Stop TV Show - Episodes 3 & 4

Prayer Stop

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Episode 3 "The Complete Christian, Part One" Summary - The Bible says there's one thing every Christian could and should do that will dramatically improve their relationship with God; Do you know what it is? We begin to take a journey with Joe as he seeks the answers to those questions and starts to see that he no longer can deny the need for this one crucial component in his relationship with Christ. 

Episode 4 "The Complete Christian, Part Two" Summary - We take to the streets and ask Christians what the key and essential activities all Christians should do regularly in order to have a great relationship with God. We reveal that 90% of Christians are missing one very crucial component. Are you like one of the 90% who are missing this one critical and key component in your relationship with Him? Take the “Complete Christian” quiz and find out. We also take you to a the funeral of the man (Alex) as Joe’s Journey begins to lead him in a direction he knows he must go. 

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